Vision Quest 2021: Awakening the Potential for a New Beginning

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Join us for a New Years painting class/ vision quest to celebrate crossing into 2021. As we cross the portal into 2021 and beyond, we have the opportunity to heal and awaken new potential for the world and our lives.

Art is a portal that can open you up to a new universe. Through art, we can heal wounds, open up our minds and manifest our best selves. Whether you are a beginning artist, or have plenty of experience, this class is for you.

This class is not about skill, but is more about the experience and process of being with yourself in creativity and the quantum world. While you will pick up a few painting tips, you will be even more amazed at your own inner voice and discovery of your creative power.

Think of this as a fun paint and sip combined into an ultimate quest for knowing, understanding and healing our lives.

With the power of creativity, love is felt, healing sparks fly and hope will once again fill our hearts. Creating can be a light that can illuminate the world and show us our deepest visions.

If you have never picked up a paintbrush, I would love for you to experience this process with us. This painting class is not about skill, it is about intention. Your final painting will serve as documentation of the new you that you are calling forth.

2021 and beyond will be a world that we create.
Not the new normal but a better normal.

vision quest painting

Who am I? I am like you, a creator, born with curiosity and hope.

My name is Cassondra Eastham. I picked up a paintbrush at the age of 16 but have only recently discovered the magic wand that I have been wielding. It is my mission to inspire and open minds with the power of creativity. With a paintbrush and a little imagination, anything is possible.

I am calling those who are feeling lost but are wanting to make a difference for the future. Are you are ready for a change and believe that creativity has the power to shape the unseen into something tangible? Your inner knowing is enough to bring your vision to life, and a paintbrush can bring it into existence.

Are you ready to wake up and change your life with the power of a paintbrush?

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Vision Quest 2021: Crossing the Threshold with a Magic Paintbrush

An online painting gathering hosted by Cassondra Eastham

December 31 2pm MST, 4pm EST Watch live or later

Plan for an hour for this complimentary class. A supply list will be sent upon registration.

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What to expect in this Vision Quest

I will be taking you on a guided visualation. During this process you will be encouraged to listen to your inner voice and hear what is at work in the background. While this is not a true vision quest in comparision to the days spent in the wilderness fasting and looking for a vision, it is similar in that we will be listening for insight from the universe.

How to Prepare

While fasting is not necessary, I do encourage you to find a time and space where you can be relaxed and at ease. Before the class, lift your spirits and engage your mind by listening to your favorite mind opening music. Bring a drink, some candles, crystals and music to keep you inspired throughout the process.

What to Bring

You will need a canvas, some acrylic paints, water, paintbrushes, a paper plate to use as a palette and a spray bottle. Bring anything else that inspires you and a journal to write down any thoughts or insights that arise.

Why Join?

At this time, we are at a crossroads. The collective can shape our future through the power of art. This class will help you lift the veil and see the truth that has been hidden. We have an opportunity to awaken through creativity. This class can help us heal for a better future.